Hello Poly Po Hos, it's CJ from the KTDY morning show. Jenn and I are thinking about doing a "Delta Don't You Dare" Polyester Power Hour this Friday morning. But we have reservations.

Jenn and I would never ever want to offend our Friday morning listening audience or our audience from any other day for that matter, that's why we're taking our idea to YOU.

If we (KTDY) did a "Delta Don't You Dare" Polyester Power Hour this Friday morning, the very day Hurricane Delta is expected to make landfall near Vermillion Parish, would you all be offended by that? (If you're new to our show, on Friday mornings we play all retro, upbeat, fun songs to get folks ready for the weekend. We call the show "Polyester Power Hour" even though it's the entire morning show).

2020 has given us a year of challenges, to say the least, Hurricane Delta being yet another. Events from this year have wiped the smiles off a lot of faces around the world. Jenn and I figured we'd try to lighten the mood just a bit and try to take your mind off everything that's going on for just a moment. Try to put a smile on everyone's face in the midst of a not so happy time. But by the same token, we don't want anyone thinking we aren't taking Hurricane Delta seriously.

Use the CHAT button on the KTDY mobile app or leave us a message on Facebook. Let us know if you're up for a "Delta Don't You Dare" Polyester Power Hour.

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