Declambre police took a juvenile into custody Monday after the student brought a gun onto school grounds at Delcambre High School.

The student was arrested after parents flagged down an officer and reported the possibility of a gun being on campus, according to Delcambre Police Chief James Broussard. The officer conducted an investigation on campus and the student was arrested.

According to Broussard, the student claimed to have been driving a family member's vehicle after being unable to locate their own keys.

Iberia Parish Superintendent Heath Hulin released a statement on the incident.

This morning the school administration was alerted by a parent and the Delcambre Police Department about the possibility of a threat made by a student over the weekend.  The school administration conducted an investigation and found prohibited items in a vehicle parked in the student parking lot.  The school cooperated with the Delcambre Police Department and the items were turned over to the police.  At no point were any prohibited items inside the school.  They were contained to the vehicle.  The school will follow district protocols to address any students involved.  Delcambre High and the Iberia Parish School System would like to thank community members and the police department for collaborating with us to ensure our students were safe at all times.

Google Maps/Google Streetview
Google Maps/Google Streetview

The arrest comes weeks after a Vermilion Parish student was also arrested for having a gun on campus. That student was discovered when a video appeared on social media showing the juvenile with a gun on North Vermilion High School's campus.

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