I'll admit it, I had to look twice too.

The latest optical illusion to take the internet by storm involves a former NFL quarterback and now an ESPN analyst.

Dan Orlovsky was recently calling a game for ESPN, and when the cameras zoomed in on those in the press box, some thought that Dan was not wearing any pants for the broadcast.

The reason so many thought that the former NFL quarterback wasn't wearing any pants on national television was because of the color of his pants that night.

Buffalo Bills v Detroit Lions
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As you'll see below if you were to look quickly at the television while cameras were on those calling the game, you may think that Dan had no pants on because the pants he had on that night were a light brown color.

With one quick look, you may think that you were looking at his legs, and not his legs with pants on, but luckily Dan did have pants on.

The internet had a field day with this one, and it will be interesting to see if ESPN ever allows Orlovsky to wear this color again on television.

So, check out some of the photos below and zoom across it quickly. I totally get why some, maybe even you, may have thought that this ESPN was pantless while calling the game.


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