If you have always wanted to take a cruise but haven't quite been able to swing the cost, now might be your opportunity.

According to a recent article, the fall season has proven to be hard time for cruise lines. It seems like filling up ships is quite the task. That's why many of them are offering incredible deals to those looking for budget-friendly getaway.

One very familiar cruise line, Carnival, has a a great travel option for Bahamas lovers. If you book dates now for November 28th though December 2nd for the islands, traveling out of Florida, the average cost is around $104 per person or $26 a day.


There are many factors that have contributed to the decline in passengers. According to ThePointsGuy, "Wall Street travel industry analysts noted that cruise prices this year are not keeping up with inflation rates like hotel prices."

There's also the fact that travelers are looking to find ports closer to home to deport from, and that can prove to be a challenge.

For us here in Louisiana, a lot of the time we are looking for the closest flight to a port because we don't have many in our area. That's where these low rates will really come in handy.

So, if you are looking to take a cruise and don't want to have to wait until after the holidays, now is the time.

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