Getting out of the house in the morning is always a challenge, whether you wake up at 4 AM like us or get to sleep until 7. If you have to get up and go to work or get the kids ready for school, it's tough to get ready and get something nutritious to eat! I found three gadgets that might make it a little easier, or if not, at least they'll make it a little more fun! Check out these three crazy, quickie options for cooking eggs:

Ever wanted to make a hot egg popsicle? Here ya go - the Rollie Eggmaster:
Or boil an egg in the shell? The Eggxactly can do it for you, or it will, as soon as they get the money to make it after failing hilariously on the British version of Shark Tank!
Need to cook an egg in your toaster? This Toast n Egg Cooker is what you need!

There's also this crazy method for scrambling an egg inside the shell.

Maybe I'll just stick with my yogurt!




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