The other day we were joking around about how one day humans wouldn't need speakers or headphones to hear audio playing from a particular source. We thought it would require a computer chip to be surgically implanted into the brain. Turns out, there is a new device that's even better than that.

An Israeli company has come out with a device that requires no headphones, no cables, and no bulky speakers for you to have the most immersive sound experience ever. The sound you hear from the new Noveto Systems is so clean and clear, you will think it's in 3D. Noveto Systems has developed "sound beaming". It's sound you will not just hear, but feel. No headphones, no wires and yet no one else can hear it.

The sound is sent directly into your inner ear using a sophisticated tracking system. The Noveto Systems device will send the most amazing sound to just your ears only all while you can still hear everything that's going on around you.

The system tracks your head movement and will follow your ears so that the sound you hear is in front, back and all around you. You can actually get out of the path of sound and pop back in.

Never before has there been audio technology like this. This technology will change the way you listen to music at home, work and play. I'm sure in just a few years it'll start to pop up in cars as well as on stage as sound monitoring for concert performers.

The first device with new "sound beaming" technology will be the SoundBeamer 1.0 desktop unit. The company is already planning to roll out a smaller model in time for Christmas next year. No word yet on cost.

Noveto Systems has just given the world sound freedom.


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