This was not what Birgitt Thurman was expecting to see when she stepped outside to film the storm this afternoon.

As wicked weather made its way across south Louisana, residents experienced plenty of wind, lightning, and rain. Thurman had no clue she would end up capturing a video that is now going viral.

The clip was posted on Twitter by Jonathan Manning with KPLC and according to a few follow-up tweets, the crazy lightning strike took place in Deridder, LA.

I'm just as impressed that we didn't hear any expletives in her video because it surely took me by surprise and I wasn't even there.

An after photo shows a mark on the tree, possibly where the strike took place. There is also some type of metal-looking piece on the tree, but I'm not a scientist or a lightning expert, so I have no clue if it played a factor in the wild lightning event.

Either way, just another reminder that severe weather can literally get crazy at the drop of a hat, so always stay safe when possible.

Just ask Bama.

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