Their children saw them do everything together. Lois, 77, and PJ Connor, 78, were inseparable. Active. Healthy. Loving life. Until COVID took them both within 3 hours of each other.

The three children of Lois and PJ, grandchildren and family are still in shock. There were never two people more in love. The Connors love other people as much as they loved each other.

The couple was not allowed to see each other while hospitalized at Riverside Methodist Hospital. They were in separate rooms across the hall from each other. Nurses passed their notes to each other back and forth.

When their condition worsened, becoming dire, Lois and PJ were then moved into the same room with their beds side by side.

Son Patrick Connor told ABC 6, "They did everything together".

They also died together and are in heaven together.-Patrick Connor.

Mrs. Connor held on three hours longer than Mr. Connor. The couple held hands until the end.

Patrick Connor, Facebook
Patrick Connor, Facebook

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