The internet doesn't miss much, but I was surprised to learn on Twitter that today is the 1 year mark from when the first case of COVID-19 was reported in China. Please, join me in not wishing this awful virus a happy first birthday!

I saw the news on Twitter via @Andxllah and you can see the post below

Now, I did do some Google'ing of my own to make sure this information was accurate. Some sources have differing answers.

That means that today is COVID-19's first birthday. Wow. That is crazy to say.

Just a year ago all of us were livingly seemingly normal lives. Then just four or so months later, everything changed.

Of course, Twitter had some fun with this post. Someone even threw some astrology around to poke fun at the virus @Cypress_cpt

I think everyone can agree that COVID-19 has not held back.

So curse you, COVID-19. On your first birthday, I hope you get no gifts and sincerely - I hope you aren't around for a second birthday next year.

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