Something many of us probably haven’t thought about is the fact those who die due to COVID-19 are dying alone. It’s not like the death process we are used to. We have loved ones die of cancer, heart-attacks, or any other illness, and we can sit by their side. With COVID-19, we can't hold their hands and kiss their cheek. We can't whisper in their ear that we love them and tell them it’s ok to go.

Coronavirus Outbreak Continues In Italy
Antonio Masiello, Getty Images

With the coronavirus pandemic and the extreme need to practice social distancing, and patients being quarantined to prevent the spread of the virus, visitors aren’t allowed into the hospitals. This means they go in alone. We have to trust that the medical staff takes care of them, physically and emotionally. And with that comes death. Doctors and nurses across the world are posting their experiences and feelings on how this is affecting them. It’s heartbreaking. You hear stories about patients in their beds, dying alone, suffering, crying and there is no one there by their side. Many are relying on iPads and smartphones to video message or facetime call their loved ones. This at least allows them to FEEL like they are together. Think about that.

I saw this post and it really stuck to my gut. Her hope is that the hospitals can get mini iPads so they can make sure that every patient will have the opportunity to see their loved ones.

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