The park behind the wildly popular 'Tiger King' documentary has reopened its doors.

The roadside zoo, formerly known as the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park, was made popular as the setting for Netflix's hit true-crime doc, so fittingly it has been rebranded as 'Tiger King Park.' The show has definitely proved to be good for business as lines formed with people waiting hours to get in.

The now infamous park has been closed recently due to the coronavirus restrictions, but now the property that once belonged to the incarcerated Joe Exotic is wide open for tourists who are flocking to the experience that shares the namesake of their favorite binge-worthy Netflix series.

There is still criticism of animal cruelty but it doesn't seem to be stopping the throngs of fans who are lining up to visit Tiger King Park. Speaking of criticism, there have also been numerous reports that people who visit the Oklahoma zoo haven't been wearing masks or practicing safe distancing either.

Is it worth the risk to see the park's big cats perform in their cages? I'll let you answer that one.

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