By now most of us are aware of the extreme temperatures in Acadiana and now we're expecting record-breaking temperatures on Wednesday and Thursday (8/23 & 8/24).

With that said, Zoosiana in Broussard has announced that they will be closing on these days out of safety for the animals, employees, and guests.

Temperatures will be reaching between 106 and 107 degrees, and with that comes the threat of heat exhaustion.

So, management at Zoosiana has decided to close the zoo on Wednesday and Thursday of this week so that they can care for the animals as the temperatures soar.

Camels at Zoosiana

By all indications, it appears that the zoo in Broussard plans to re-open on August 25, however, if there are future announcements in regards to closures we will share them here and on this station's mobile app.

We remind you to take care of yourself during this heat wave and please DO NOT leave anyone or anything in your vehicle.

And like those at the zoo, please don't forget about your pets at home. With temperatures reaching 106 and 107 in the days ahead, it may be wise to bring them indoors. If that's not possible, please make sure they've got plenty of shade and water.

Here's the announcement from our friends at Zoosiana and we applaud them for taking care of the animals and their employees during this heat wave.


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