Some sad news to share from Zoosiana in Broussard, La.

Jolie, who many fell in love with at the zoo in Broussard, has passed away. In a social media post on Friday Zoosiana made the unfortunate announcement.

In a statement, the zoo said the following, "Jolie just recently turned 19 years old and her nearly two decades with us inspired children and admirers of all ages to care more and do more for animals and the natural world. Jolie’s impactful legacy will continue indefinitely."

Tigers usually live 10 to 15 years, but under good care, they can live longer and Jolie did.


Zoosiana did everything for Jolie in the later years and the zoo explained the following:

"Zoosiana adhered to industry best-practices in recent years specifically to support Jolie as she aged, including, as examples, transitioning to meal plans formulated for senior large cat species, administering supplements in conjunction with enrichment activities, as well as modifying her indoor and outdoor facilities to help reduce age-related joint and mobility issues."

Jolie was born in 2004 and I recall the day the zoo welcomed Jolie. As a matter of fact, I had the privilege to play and hold Jolie and I'll never forget how strong Jolie was even as a cub.

So many people of all ages admired Jolie and Jolie will never be forgotten. For many more years to come, many will still talk about the "white tiger at the zoo."

Zoosiana hopes Jolie inspired others to learn more about their species and had this to say in their final words, "Celebrate Jolie by continuing to learn more, care more, and do more for animals.”

Here's the official statement from Zoosiana's Facebook page.

We'll all miss you, Jolie.



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