Social media had a lot to say about this story.

The Alexandria Zoo will reportedly allow SNAP recipients to enter the zoo without paying an entry fee.

Those on the state benefit program will be allowed to enter the zoo for free on the first Thursday of the month for the months of May through October.

The free entry option will be for only those residing in Rapides Parish and the allowed time in is from 2 pm - 4:30 pm.

In addition to that, only two adults and up to four children will be allowed for each family.

KALB reports that free entry for families is a result of the partnership between the zoo and the LSU AgCenter.

As you may expect there were mixed feelings on social media about this announcement from the zoo in Alexandria.

KALB Facebook
KALB Facebook

For anyone who wishes to enter on the assigned dates and times, you must have your SNAP card with you upon entering.


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