A family in Baton Rouge, Louisiana recently visited the habitat for "Mike The Tiger" at LSU, and when the Bengal Tiger saw the kid it put on a show for everyone.

The enclosure on the campus at LSU was built with lots of detail from the type of dirt and vegetation used to the the type of security measures to protect the Tiger and visitors.

Anytime you visit Mike's habitat, there are guests there to catch a glimpse of the iconic Tiger, and if you're lucky you may even get a "show" from Mike.

Well, one family was lucky to have Mike entertain them and their child while they were on the campus of LSU and as you'll see below, Mke was in a really good mood on this day.

Florida State v LSU
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The large Tiger propelled himself on the thick glass that separated him from his visitors and then suddenly began to splash water from the small pond that is part of the habitat.

The parents of the kids did not seem to be bothered by this large animal getting so close to their kid as they were probably aware of the safety measures taken when this huge habitat was built on the campus at LSU.

Enjoy this precious video of Mike The Tiger and this young fan and the next time you're on the campus of LSU, stop by and see if you get the same reaction from this iconic mascot.

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