Coldplay have released the music video for 'True Love,' the third single off their 'Ghost Stories' album.

The music video for 'True Love' tells a sad, yet heartwarming story about two outcasts who find strength through their struggles and ultimately find happiness within themselves and each other.

Directed by Jonas Åkerlund, the video stars Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin and actress Jessica Lucas (TV's 'Cult,' 'Friends With Benefits') as two misfits represented by them wearing inflatable body suits. Mocked and chastised for their appearance, they both aspire to be dancers despite repeated put-downs by those around them. They eventually meet, fall in love and put on a dance show of their own showcasing their unique styles. The video then closes with the phrase 'Anything is possible.'

The video serves as a moving representation of the song's lyrics about wanting not only love, but a love that's real. Martin sings, "Just tell me you love me / If you don't then lie
Lie to me / And call it true / Call it true love."

Check out Coldplay's latest by clicking on the video above.

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