A clip on TikTok has gone viral with millions of views and it shows someone grabbing a clear bottle of Ketchup from the shelf in a store.

As you may expect many on the social media platform expressed their disdain for it and some even went as far as to say that this would make them sick.

Take a look at the bottle and imagine yourself sprinkling this over your favorite meal or fries. Could you do it?

Well, I have some good news for those of you who love Ketchup, and that is this was a prank. The clear ketchup is not on the shelves of stores, nor is it on the official Heinz website.

But because it's on the internet, many are assuming that this product is available and many are expressing their disgust.

The person who published the video and product bottle admitted that the video is not real, and this is just another great reminder to not believe everything you see or read on social media.

Sadly, some will alter the truth on social media platforms only to gain popularity across the board.

Check out the video here that had many saying they'd never try this form of ketchup.

Here are a few more comments that I came across in regard to the clear ketchup product, that is NOT available in stores.


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