Questions. They can be the gateway to knowledge or the highway to hell depending on how you ask them and who you ask them to. As a kid, my parents would also encourage me to ask questions. They would say that's how you learn new things. Yet, almost every week I was sent home from school with a note from the teacher to my parents telling them to have me tested because I "ask too many questions".

I think we are all searching for answers. The level on which we are searching is truly what defines us, at least our "spiritual us" versus our practical "us". We ask because we want to know but quite often the answers we receive only lead to more questions. I think that's how religion works.

Bounce Patrol Kids via YouTube
Bounce Patrol Kids via YouTube

We all know questions have differing degrees of importance based on the time and circumstances under which they are asked. For example, the question "may I have some water?"  Takes on a whole new meaning if the person asking it is just thirsty or happens to be on fire.

We have assembled for you 13 "eclectic" questions about life and our surroundings which from time to time you may have wondered about. But, because the answers to these questions aren't really life-changing,  you probably just moved on without actually pursuing an answer. That's what we're going to do.

13 Questions You've Always Wondered About Finally Answered


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