Is there a Bigfoot roaming the woods in far Upstate New York near the banks of the St. Lawrence River? Perhaps. Here's a compelling story.

Michael Guimond thinks it's possible a Sasquatch is calling the Massena area home and he may have seen it. "At the risk of ridicule...something bipedal ran across the road within 50 feet of my car, he shared on Facebook. "This thing was extremely fast. I was going 60, it crossed the road in less than a second."

It happened late at night on Route 37 just before getting into Massena on June 20. "It was not a deer," wrote Guimond. "I've seen plenty of deer. This thing was brownish grey, shaggy, and had arms and legs that moved in a circular motion. I know what you're thinking, but I'm serious."

Guimond has heard rumors of a sasquatch in the area before but seeing it was a different story. "I've never seen anything move that fast."

And Guimond isn't alone. "My sister and I seen something very similar to this description," said Toni Mattice Oakes. "It ran into the woods so fast and we kept saying that was no deer. It was scary."

Aric Lauzon has not only seen something, he and his neighbor have heard it too. "I use to hear them and see them every night and everyone thought we were nuts. Definitely something strange in the woods around there at night."

Kim Johnson says her cousin may have hit one. "My cousins hit something similar to what you are describing coming from Massena a while back. When the cops showed up to look in the ditch where the thing flew after they hit it, it was gone and there was no trace of blood."

Massena isn't the only area in Upstate New York with sasquatch rumors. There have been so many sightings of Bigfoot in Whitehall, New York there’s a statue of one in honor of the local lore.

Credit - Google Maps
Credit - Google Maps

Many people have seeing a moose in Upstate New York on their bucket list. Who needs to see one of those when you could spot Bigfoot! Does anyone want to go on an expedition?

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