People love to speculate. The stranger the subject the more strange the speculation becomes. One of our favorite topics to discuss involves Bigfoot. The alleged mythical creature, not the oversized pickup truck. You've probably seen a video of Bigfoot. You've also probably wondered the same thing I have wondered, "How come folks who go out looking for Bigfoot don't buy better cameras"?

That clip from the Animal Planet series Finding Bigfoot features footage from the iconic Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot Film. Part of the reason for the low quality of that video is that it was shot back in 1967. Needless to say, technology and photography have improved greatly since then.

And while we can't go back in time and re-shoot the iconic footage we can take that footage and apply modern technology to its presentation. Rowan Cheung is a Twitter influencer who often shares developments in Artificial Intelligence.

Bigfoot HD
Mr Luci Via YouTube

Last week, he tweeted out video of the Patterson-Gimlin film that had been stabilized and de-grained. This allows for better clarity of the image on the film. The film was subjected to Artificial Intelligence to really enhance and improve what the camera might have captured on that day back in 1967.

To many of Cheung's followers on Twitter, the AI-enhanced and stabilized film clearly shows what Bigfoot is and what it apparently isn't. It doesn't appear to show a mythical creature at all and to many of the commenters on Social Media it looked like " a guy going for a stroll in a gorilla suit". One commenter suggested "a guy going to a costume party".

If you had any questions about the existence of Bigfoot did this change your mind? Or did it only enhance and improve your argument on the subject? There have been rumors of Bigfoots,(is that the plural, or should it be Bigfeets) have been spotted in the Kisatchie National Forest here in Louisiana. There are also some that claim the Honey Island Swamp Monster and Bigfoot might be related.

Alyson Titkemeyer via YouTube
Alyson Titkemeyer via YouTube

We will leave that up to you to investigate or we'll just wait for the latest AI renderings to confirm what we've known all along, namely, it's fun to make stuff up.

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