The Travel Channel's Expedition Bigfoot released new footage using a thermal camera, and it's intriguing to say the least.

Thermal Footage of Bigfoot

Just last year, Dr. Mireya Mayor, a world-renowned primatologist and explorer who leads the team on Expedition Bigfoot, captured a large, mysterious looking figure using the infra-red technology as seen in this video.



The researchers for the television show Expedition Bigfoot have once again gathered what seems to be evidence that Bigfoot does indeed exist.

Using a thermal camera, the researchers have captured what they believe to be heat signature of a large creature that just so happens to seemingly be lurking and watching them in the woods.



Clearly, using a thermal camera can help to find clues as to the whereabouts of Bigfoot that the human eye can't see, especially at night.

Dr. Mireya Mayor

Dr. Mayor has this to say about her research into the legendary creature:

“Throughout my career, several Bigfoot researchers had approached me about questions they have about prints they found, but I felt this was an opportunity to conduct a proper scientific investigation into the subject matter of Bigfoot.”

“For me, it was a very natural fit. What I liked very much about the premise of this expedition is that it would be a team of experts with very different skill sets and backgrounds working together in one particular hot spot. It was a unique opportunity and approach to find Bigfoot that I have never seen before.”

Did Expedition Bigfoot Find Evidence of Bigfoot

In a Reddit thread that the video was posted to, internet researchers quickly took to breaking down what they believe is in the video.

One commenter said, "With thermal, if you wear a suit you can tell. It would be pretty hard for poor Sasquatch Researchers to hoax a 9 foot creature that has proper thermal readings, and often leaves footprints with mid tarsal break and correct anatomy."

"The thermal is nice footage, but they really messed up on the flashlight shot. Besides the fact that apes don't have eyeshine, that doesn't even look like genuine eyeshine. So I assume it's a hoax." another wrote.

"Expedition Bigfoot, season three, episode 12 caught a being tree peaking," one commenter hypothesized, "When searching reddit I came across a post of an Orangutan doing such tree peaking. They also had eye shine, two large dots forward facing, so whatever it was was certainly into meat 🍖 😉"

"Seems like a hoax to me. There's only 3 videos I've ever seen that I think may be real. The best is still the Patterson film. I've seen so much video and picture 'evidence' and heard so so many stories. It's a shame there's so many hoaxers," another commented.

Twitter produced some good reactions as well:

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