Are you 'genuinely' concerned or 'Facebook' concerned?  There's a difference.  I often times wonder if people think by putting a comment on Facebook, they've done something big.  I also wonder why people say things on Facebook that they would NEVER say in real-life.  And do people who attack, degrade, belittle, use bad language, etc., think we don't know who they are?  We CAN SEE YOUR PICTURE!

This whole drag queen controversy, should drag queens be allowed to read to children at a the Lafayette Public Library, has me realizing how people use Facebook.

I believe many Facebook users are just 'Facebook' concerned about our community and that's it.  All talk and no action.  Let me just put a comment on Facebook, I can be as ugly as I'd like to be, say things in a way that I would never say them in real-life, get it off my chest, close my laptop and I will have changed the world.  Reality check, you haven't done a thing!


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