The Temperature in Judice, La. on this frigid Wednesday morning January 17, 2018 is 17 degrees.  The high today is expected to be 34-35.  Ice is everywhere after the light rain late yesterday afternoon and last night.  I woke up especially early to allow myself extra time travel getting into work this morning, as I knew the roads would be treacherous.  I failed miserably.

I'd taken the KTDY car home yesterday thinking it might be a better vehicle to have out in the country with an ice event on the way.  It's larger than my car and heavier.  Just getting out of the neighborhood without hitting cars parked along the roads was a task as there was a good bit of sliding going on even with all the computer support on board.  I made it out to the street that leads to Fieldspan Road.  Traveling no more than 5 to 10 MPH, I hit the brake to stop at the intersection, the KTDY did not and I slide across Fieldspan and stopped just short of the ditch on the other side.  I was rattled, but determined to see Debbie Ray and talk to the good folks of Acadiana.  Therefore, I continued my journey toward 1749 Bertrand Dr. in Lafayette.

I managed to get to Duhon Road, which is not very far from where I almost went into the ditch.  Not far in distance, but at 2 MPH, it seemed like an eternity.  After sliding on Duhon Road for a while and seeing 3 vehicles turn around ahead of me, most with larger vehicles, I too, turned around in an attempt to make it back home.

This mornings ice event is completely unlike the snow event we had recently.  Snow allows some traction for travel.  Ice is not so nice.  A vehicle slides at any speed.

Since the temperature will barely make it above freezing today if we're lucky, I don't suppose the ice already on the ground will thaw until late tomorrow when temps climb up a bit.

Thanks to JayCee for going into work for me this morning.  He too lives in a rural area of Acadiana but owns 4 wheel drive vehicles that are handy in times like these.

So for now, use good judgement, be patient especially in the more rural areas of Acadiana and be SAFE.


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