As the worldwide pandemic continues with no definite date for returning to normal, Acadiana families are optimistic but concerned about how to get through it financially. The U.S. government stimulus check is of the utmost importance to many and needed to make ends meet. If you have NOT received your stimulus check yet, click here to find out when you will be receiving yours.

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Healthcare Decisions Day

Orchid Day

Wear Your Pajamas To Work Day

High Five Day

Know Your Customers Day

Eggs Benedict Day

Bean Counter Day


21 years ago - In 1999, Wayne Gretzky announced he was retiring.

17 years ago - In 2003, Michael Jordan played his last NBA game.

13 years ago - In 2007, One of the deadliest school shootings in American history took place at Virginia Tech University when a student opened fire killing 32 people and himself.

11 years ago - In 2009, legendary NFL broadcaster John Madden retired at 73.


Sadie Sink is 18. Max on 'Stranger Things'.

Liliana Mumy is 26. Actor.

Gerardo is 55. Had one hit, 'Rico Suave'.

Martin Lawrence is 55. Actor.

Jon Cryer is 55. Actor.

David Pirner is 56. Singer.

Jimmy Osmond is 57. Singer.

Ellen Barkin is 66. Actor.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is 73. Legendary sports figure.

Bobby Vinton is 85. Legendary singer.

Pope Emeritus Benedict the Sixteenth is 93.

Selena  (1971 -1995) Singer.

Dusty Springfield  (1939 - 1999) Rock and Roll Hall of Famer.

Gerry Rafferty  (1947 - 2011) Singer.

David Graf  (1950 - 2001) Actor.

Henry Mancini  (1924 - 1994) Legendary composer.

Charlie Chaplin  (1889 - 1977) Comedic actor.

Wilbur Wright  (1867 - 1912) Orville's brother.


19 days until Teacher Appreciation Day.

24 days until Mother's Day.

36 days until Memorial Day Weekend.


Today: Sunny, 77.

Tonight: Partly cloudy, 57l

Friday: 20% chance for rain, 80.

Saturday: 40% chance for rain, 82.

Sunday: 50% chance for rain, 82.

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