Good morning, it's almost Friday. Hey everybody's talking about KTDY's exclusive C'mon Drew long sleeve t-shirts. If you'd like to win one, just have the KTDY app on your cellphone.  Make sure "Exclusives" is turned on in Alert Settings. Thanks to Rytek in St. Martinville, La.

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C'mon Drew

KTDY goes all Christmas Through Christmas tomorrow. We are very excited to be Acadiana's official holiday station.

Shoeboxes for Seniors is going on now through December 20th. Drop off locations are, The Blake at 400 Polly Lane and KTDY at 1749 Bertrand Dr. both in Lafayette.

The first Cash Code of the day is at 7:20 AM this morning.  You can win between $500 and $5000.

JayCee is live on location today at Pizza Artista on Johnston 11 AM - 1 PM.

Today is National Great American Smokeout Day, Gingerbread Cookie Day, Red Mitten Day, Stuffing Day and Rural Health Day.


142 years ago- In 1877, Thomas Edison presented the world his newest invention.  It was his hand-cranked foil cylinder Phonograph. He called it the "talking machine". If you're wondering what was the first thing he recorded, it was, "Mary Had a Little Lamb".

88 years ago- In 1931, the movie "Frankenstein" was released.

77 years ago- In 1942, Tweety Bird debuted in a Warner Brothers cartoon.

56 years ago- In 1963, President John F. Kennedy and the first lady arrived in San Antonio, Texas, to start their two-day tour of the state. He would be shot in Dallas the next day.

44 years ago- In 1975, Queen released their fourth album, "A Night at the Opera", which everyone in the music business thought would never work.

43 years ago- In 1976, the first "Rocky" movie opened in New York.

39 years ago- In 1980, a fire broke out at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. The MGM fire killed 85 people.

39 years ago- In 1980, an estimated 83 Million People tuned in to "Dallas" to find out "Who Shot J.R.?"

38 years ago - In 1981, Olivia Newton-John's song "Physical" went to number one.

27 years ago- In 1992, Adam Sandler performed "The Thanksgiving Song" on "Saturday Night Live".

26 years ago- In 1993, the great Bill Bixby died of cancer at the age of 59.

16 years ago- In 2003, the FDA approved Cialis.

15 years ago- In 2004, the Nintendo DS was released in North America.

13 years ago- In 2006, Snoop Dogg released "Tha Blue Carpet Treatment".

13 years ago- In 2006, Daughtry released their self-titled debut album.  The one that had "Home" on it.

2 years ago- In 2017, "Partridge Family" star David Cassidy died of liver failure.


Megan and Liz are 27.

Carly Rae Jepsen is 34.

Jena Malone is 35.

The Bella Twins, Brie and Nikki are 36.

Rain Phoenix is 47.

Michael Strahan is 48.

Ken Griffey Jr. is 50.

Troy Aikman is 53.

Björk is 54.

Alexander Siddig is 54.

Nicollette Sheridan is 56.

Lonnie Jordan is 71.

Goldie Hawn is 74.

Marlo Thomas is 82.

Dr. John would have been 79. (1941 - 2019).

Harold Ramis (1944 - 2014).

Stan "The Man" Musial (1920 - 2013).


7 days until Thanksgiving.

34 days until Christmas.


Today: Partly cloudy, 77.

Tonight: Mostly cloudy, 64.

Friday: 70% chance for rain late in the day, 79.

Rain Friday evening into Saturday morning.  Clearing early Saturday making way for a beautiful sunny and cool weekend.

Have a fantastic day!

cj and jenn



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