Good morning Acadiana. As many sleep in a little longer these days than before the pandemic, CJ and Jenn say, "Wake up"! Today is going to be a beautiful Monday. Get outside and enjoy this beautiful day. As the stay at home mandate slowly winds down, continue to be safe and follow government guidelines. But don't let this beautiful day go every second of it. Plus, today is National 'Eat What You Want Day'!


Eat What You Want Day

Foam Rolling Day

Twilight Zone Day

Women's Checkup Day


39 years ago - In 1981, a brain tumor killed Bob Marley in Miami. He was 36.

23 years ago - In 1997, IBM Supercomputer Deep Blue defeated world champion Garry Kasparov at chess. It was the first time a computer had beaten a human chess pro. Fast-forward 14 years. That's when another IBM computer named Watson beat 2 of the best 'Jeopardy' players in the world.

Five years ago - In 2015, Tom Brady was suspended by the NFL for tampering with his balls. Footballs.


Cam Newton is 31. Former Carolina Panthers quarterback.

Blac Chyna is 32. Model and entrpreneur.

Jonathan Jackson is 38. Avery on 'Nashville'.

Martha Quinn is 61. One of the original MTV VeeJays.

Louis Farrakhan is 87. Minister and political activist.

Mort Sahl is 93. Yes, he's still alive. Comedian from way back.

Cory Monteith would have been 38. (1982 - 2013)  Finn Hudson on 'Glee'


11 days until Memorial Day Weekend.

41 days until Father's Day.

54 days until Independence Day.


Today: Sunny, 81.

Tonight: Clear, 60.

Tuesday: Mostly sunny, 83.

Wednesday: 30% chance for rain, 85.

Thursday: 60% chance for rain, 83.

Friday: 40% chance for rain, 86.

Balance Working from Home During the Pandemic

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