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Today is National Beer Can Appreciation Day, Compliment Day and Peanut Butter Day.


112 years ago - In 1908, the First Boy Scout Manual was published.

98 years ago - In 1922, Christian K. Nelson of Onawa, Iowa, patented the Eskimo Pie.

85 years ago - In 1935, "Kruger Cream Ale," brewed by Kruger Brewing Company was the first beer sold in a can.  Possibly why today is National Beer Can Day.

48 years ago - In 1972, farmers in Guam discovered a Japanese soldier who'd hid in the jungle for 28 Years and had no idea World War II was over.

45 years ago - In 1975, Larry Fine, one of the Three Stooges,  died of a stroke at the age of 72.

36 years ago - In 1984, Steve Jobs presented the Macintosh personal computer to a group of Apple shareholders.

31 years ago - In 1989, Ted Bundy's life ended in a Florida electric chair.

14 years ago - In 2006, Disney bought Pixar for $7.4 Billion.


Stephen Barker Liles is 36.

Daveed Diggs is 38.

Tatyana Ali is 41.

Kristen Schaal is 42.

Ed Helms is 46. 

Matthew Lillard is 50.

Mary Lou Retton is 52.

Yakov Smirnoff is 69.

Aaron Neville is 79.

Neil Diamond is 79.

Ray Stevens is 81.

Warren Zevon  (1947 - 2003).

John Belushi  (1949 - 1982).

Ernest Borgnine  (1917 - 2012).


Today: Sunny, 63.

Tonight: Clear, 38.

Saturday: Partly cloudy, 62.

Sunday: 70% chance for rain, 59.

Monday: Partly cloudy, 64.

Have a fabulous weekend!

cj and jenn




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