Are you looking to relocate? Time for a change of scenery? Well, may we suggest a move to beautiful Natchez, Mississippi?

The City of Natchez is trying to incentivize folks to move to their scenic town along the mighty Mississippi River. To do so, they're offering $6,000 to each person that will move to their city and buy a house.

The program is called "Shift South" and all you have to do is buy a house there valued at least at $150,000 and live there a year.

Your reward for doing so is $2,500 in relocation costs and $300 a month for 12 months.

"Natchez sells itself. Where else can anyone live in a place with a view of the river and a safe place to live? We have a lot of unity and harmony here in Natchez, and we have beautiful homes here and you can buy a beautiful home here for $150,000," said Natchez City Mayor Dan Gibson.

Mayor Gibson says the program has 30 slots available and 10 spots have already been claimed.

So, if you're looking for a change (shoot, you might even be working remotely from home anyway), then find out more about the program at

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