No matter where you place your order for crunchy fried chicken, people in our state still consider Popeyes Louisiana Chicken as "ours". And during those chicken sandwich wars last year? Pffft, most of us took the home team. So, when Popeyes launches a new chicken sandwich, we're ready to sit up and pay attention. Bring it on!

According to the Chew Boom website, two new chicken sandwiches will be launched for a limited time at participating locations nationwide, and they both sound really good. The Blackened Chicken Sandwich will come in spicy and classic varieties and will feature a "non-battered, non-breaded all-white-meat chicken filet fried up in a proprietary blend of blackened seasoning, on a buttery, toasted brioche bun with two-barrel cured pickles and mayo." The spicy sandwich will swap out regular mayo for the kicked-up version. No word on whether these will be regular menu items, or are just being tested at this time. We sure hope that we can find them at locations right here in Louisiana.

Also, just in time for summer, a new non-fried dessert option is being rolled out at select locations nationwide for a limited time. The strawberry cheesecake cup sounds delicious and refreshing, and, according to Chew Boom "features a thick and rich cheesecake filling mixed with strawberry puree, on a graham cracker crumb crust, all served in a sealed plastic cup." We'll be looking for this on the menu at Acadiana restaurants, and if you get to try one, let us know what you think. Thanks, Popeyes!



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