Popeyes is at it again.

Popeyes announced a new chicken sandwich... the Blackened Chicken Sandwich.

And the best part of this news is that The Blackend Chicken Sandwich is out now.

According to a statement, the new sandwich will feature Cajun and Creole-seasoned flavors complemented with a brioche bun and crisp pickles. And to add an extra kick, customers can choose between spicy mayo or classic house mayo.

Now there is a slight twist to this sandwich, it is completely breading-free. Which makes this chicken sandwich a slightly healthier option than other fast food options.

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According to Popeyes, this sandwich took four years to develop and get perfect.

this version of the classic Blackening cooking technique, which originated in Louisiana and is used to better seal in seasoning and spices to flavor the meat.

Of course, fans took to social media to talk about this new development.

This is not Popeye’s first rodeo when it comes to debuting a new menu item, specifically a chicken sandwich.

In May Popeye’s launched a limited-release buffalo ranch chicken sandwich but the pandemonium really hit its peak in August of 2019 when Popeye’s debuted their first chicken sandwich. The original sandwich featured a brioche bun, tasty chicken, and pickles.

Simple yet extremely delicious.

And that proved to be exactly what customers thought since the original chicken sandwich sold out nationwide in about two weeks.

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