Friday mornings on 99.9 KTDY are a timewarp rewind to the days of bellbottoms, 8-tracks, cassettes and a time when the world was filled with music that made us dance and celebrate life and love. It's the most listened to weekday morning show on the radio in Acadiana and it's called the Polyester Power Hour (PPH). And next week, the PPH is spreading its wings for Mardi Gras.

Those who love the PPH, affectionately known as Poly Po Hos, will be delighted to know that the annual extended Mardi Gras version of the Polyester Power Hour will start at approximately 6:30 AM on Fat Tuesday and go all the way until noon.

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The extended Mardi Gras version of the PPH will include tons of popular Mardi Gras songs sprinkled in the 70s and 80s based program.

You can hear the Polyester Power Hour live on 99.9 KTDY FM, streaming online at and on the KTDY mobile app which is free in Google Play or the App Store.

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