BuzzFeed posted cell phone stats yesterday.  According to the report 22% of us have thrown our cell phone across the room and 9% sleep with it.  Our cell phone habits are really weird.

If you've ever cracked the screen on your cell phone, you certainly aren't alone.  62% have cracked their screen, 38% say they've never cracked their screen or had to have it replaced.

According to the survey, your cell phone could use a Clorox wipe as 94% said they use it while on the toilet.  23% of us have dropped it IN the toilet.  If you never use your phone in the bathroom, you are in the top 6% of the population.

I sleep with my cell phone on the nightstand.  92% have the phone in the bedroom at night which seems pretty normal.  What's not so normal is that 9% of people actually sleep WITH their phone, they put it under their pillow.  That seems a bit weird not to mention uncomfortable.

BuzzFeed is reporting that 30% of cell phone owners have one charger, 37% said two, about 20% have three and the rest have a whopping four or more chargers.  Who are these people?  If I have four, it's only because I haven't thrown away the three broken ones.

Other findings, 64% have less than 30 apps, 36% have more than 30.

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