The National Emergency Alert System (EAS) test had one hilarious unintended consequence: Secret phones are REVEALED!

Covert phones everywhere from prisons to places like Amish communities were secret no more after the ear-piercing alert. All US mobile cell providers were required to take part in the test on October 4th. But despite being a success

A flurry of social media posts warned users to turn their phones completely off for the test. This was the only way to ensure the alert would not sound at the designated time.

Phones As A Lifeline

One situation where secret phones are sometimes a lifeline is in domestic violence situations. It’s hard to imagine someone living in a state of constant fear and danger, but we know from law-enforcement stats. It’s a reality. Many people in that situation have secret phones that they can use to communicate with the outside world and even call for help if needed. This national test threatened to expose the hidden phones.

Phones Behind Bars

TMZ reported the test was a perfect way for prison guards to find hidden phones. In New York State, officials told TMZ they confiscated two phones at a single facility Florida officials say they confiscated phones as well. In Nevada, most prisoners apparently knew the test was going to happen and likely turned their phones off.

TMZ: Unsurprisingly, we're told phones behind bars have become a growing problem, and officials have implemented new tactics in trying to locate them -- including phone-sniffing dogs called "E-Dogs."

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