People who flooded are in need, but you need to know what do donate before doing so.

I would say that most everyone in this area of Louisiana have been or know someone who has been flooded out of their home. When the floods happen here, we usually rally together for fundraisers and donation drives, and most of us roll up our sleeves and get to work to help those affected.

When disaster strikes outside of our area, we still try to help. What's the best way to help? Donate money.

Sure, if you are capable of going to the affected area and registering as a volunteer and physically helping, that is awesome! Most of us don't have that opportunity, though, and must help in other ways.

The above video shows that, in most cases, the best way to help is by donating money. I was amazed when I saw the tons of donated items that got in the way, or actually had to be destroyed because of logistical or health reasons.

Find a reputable charity or volunteer organization and send money. Or, if you personally know people affected, get the money straight to them, as they will know best what they need. There are also "relief drives" that list specific items that are KNOWN to be needed.

Sending money straight to the affected area does a few things: it empowers those affected to take care of themselves, lessening the feelings of helplessness; it allows those affected to purchase exactly what they need; it puts money into the areas that are most affected, allowing them to recover more quickly.

I get it: I'm not made of money, either. But if you look at some of the money-raising efforts put forth by people like J.J. Watts, you'll see how those $5, $10 and $100 donations add up!


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