Parts of Grand Isle, Louisiana are being inundated with salt water due to strong Easterly winds and high tide.

Tropical Storm Alberto, which is in the Gulf of Mexico, has pushed a lot of water inland, thus several southern parishes are under a flood watch.

Well, photos and video from Grand Isle show several inches of water across roadways and the water continues to rise.

Many of the locals in the area are urging those from outside of Grand Isle to avoid the area, and if you must travel through flooded roadways to travel slowly so that water isn't pushed into homes or businesses.

This will be something worth watching as the strong winds continue in the days ahead as a tropical storm heads toward Mexico.

If you've ever wondered why homes and camps are built up so high in that area of southern Louisiana, here's why.

Here's a video of water across roadways as a vehicle attempts to navigate through the water being pushed inland.

Here's a social media post from State Police in southern Louisiana.


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