Last night, Mrs. Reynolds was perusing Facebook when she saw that one of our friends, who is also with child, is aboard the Carnival Triumph, a Carnival cruise ship that is adrift in the Gulf of Mexico. While my friend has not yet posted an update on her own status, the Coast Guard has released a statement regarding the status of the ship and its passengers.

Fox News reports that the Coast Guard issued a news release stating that personnel aboard the Carnival Triumph extinguished the fire and no one was injured. The ship is now operating on emergency power about 150 miles off southern Mexico's Yucatan peninsula.

Tug boats have been dispatched to assist the ship and it is receiving supplies from another cruise ship. The Coast Guard has also dispatched a ship to assist if necessary.

The Carnival Triumph set sail from Galveston, Texas, on Thursday, and was due back on Monday Feb. 11. Carnival said all passengers would receive a refund and "cruise credit equal to the amount paid for this voyage.''

I'll let you all know the status of things aboard The Carnival Triumph once my friend posts. Keep her and everyone aboard in your prayers.

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