One woman has been sentenced to 12 years hard labor after stealing a vehicle and subsequently, killing a dog after trapping it inside the abandoned vehicle.

As reported by WBRZ - Baton Rouge, Leslie Aguillard has received her sentence after she jumped into a parked and running vehicle with a dog inside. The owner of the vehicle and dog, David Mohr, told investigators he went inside of a store briefly while leaving his dog in the vehicle with the A/C running.

Aguillard saw her opportunity and jumped in the vehicle and started driving off. Mohr received multiple injuries trying to stop the vehicle with his dog inside from driving off, but to no avail.

The dog, whose name was Roleaux, was found dead the next day in the abandoned vehicle with the doors locked and windows rolled up.

Aguillard pleaded guilty to charges of carjacking, aggravated second-degree battery and aggravated cruelty to animals. She can also no longer own or keep animals for five years once she's released from prison.

David Mohr posted to his Facebook page today in relief after the criminal received her sentencing along with some photos and videos for everyone to remember Roleaux.

We are thankful that justice was served in this terrible case. RIP to Roleaux and our thoughts and prayers go out to his owner and friends.

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