LAFAYETTE PARISH, La. (KPEL News) - Three races for mayor were on the ballot around Lafayette Parish on Tuesday, and the voters have chosen their new leaders.

It was a big night with a lot of elections on the ballot across the parish, including federal races in highly-publicized midterms and eight constitutional amendments for voters to parse through.


"Ray" Bourque, Jr. was the clear winner in the race for Mayor of Broussard. Bourque was the incumbent in the race, having last won by similar margins in the 2018 race for mayor.


In Carencro, Charlotte Stemmans Clavier won a narrow contest against Don Chauvin, 52-48 percent. The race came down to the final precincts, as well as the early and absentee vote to seal it.

"Carencro is my home and I cannot think of a greater honor than serving the people and community that made me who I am today," Clavier said in a statement to KPEL News.

Clavier last ran for the job in 2018, narrowly losing to then-mayor Glenn Brasseaux in a runoff.


Jan-Scott Richard won re-election for Mayor of Scott in another decisive victory. The incumbent mayor won 60 percent to 40 against Troy Bergeron in that race.

Also in Scott, Chad J. Leger beat Caleb Lege for Chief of Police.

City Council Results

There were several city council races throughout the parish, including in Broussard, Carencro, and Scott. Many of those races were highly competitive, coming down to the wire in the returns. Here are the results from the city council elections throughout the parish.

attachment-City Council Races Lafayette Parish
attachment-City Council Races Lafayette Parish 2

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