(CNN) A note found on a Delta Airlines plane left behind by the pilot who parked the aircraft in storage when the COVID-19 pandemic started is chilling. The pilot was clearly uncertain about the future.

Captain Chris Dennis left a 57-word note on Delta ship 3009 after its last flight for the year 2020 before being put into storage for the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. The plane had flown from Minneapolis-St. Paul to Victorville, California. When reading the note, you can almost feel the uncertain stress Captain Dennis was going through.

Taking off from MSP, he heard talks of a two-week lockdown. Feeling the weight of the moment, he penned a note for the pilot that would do the return to service flight and left it on the parked plane. -Delta Airlines Facebook Page

The times were very uncertain and Dennis knew that.

Fast forward more than a year later to First Officer Nick P. landing at VCV and starting on his checklist to wake up ship 3009. One thing he didn't expect to find was Chris' letter, tucked away on a tray table in the flight deck. -Delta Airlines Facebook Page

Hey pilots - It's March 23rd and we just arrived from MSP. Very chilling to see so much of our fleet here in the desert. If you are here to pick it up then the light must be at the end of the tunnel. Amazing how fast it changed. Have a safe flight bringing it out of storage! -Delta Airlines Captain Chris Dennis

Captain Chris Dennis had no idea where the country, or the world for that matter, was headed. But he certainly knew it wasn't going to be good.

Just over a year later, it's gettin' good again. Thank you Chris Dennis for reminding us where we were.

His note was found 435 days after he wrote it.

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