Oh Internet you never cease to amaze me with your whimsical questions and queries. This one appears to be true. That is if you believe in scientific method and theory. Let's give you the particulars before you start deleting the Theme from Good Times as your ringtone.

Hideto Tomabechi is probably not a household name. Unless you happen to live in Japan. Dr. Tomabechi is a noted researcher on how the brain works. Here is his hypothesis. The brain reacts to certain stimuli by creating certain responses in the body. Think about Pavlov's dog. It makes sense.

Women's breasts fluctuate in size. One of the largest fluctuations in size occurs when the female of the species is expecting a child. That increase is not all about milk production in the mammary glands according to Dr. Tomabechi. He believes the sound of a child crying creates a "motherhood response" within the female brain. Among the physical reactions to this response is the enlargement of the female breast.

Nobody wants the sound of a crying baby as their ringtone so the good doctor has devised a ringtone in which the sound of the crying baby is embedded within the acoustics. This subliminal message is heard by the subconscious and nature does the rest.

Dr. Tomabechi's theory was put to the test by the Discovery Channel and women who heard his ringtone at least 20 times in a day for a couple of days noticed an increase of one inch in their over all bust size.

You know you want to try this don't you? Here is the link to what  the ringtone sounds like. It's a cross between the sound of an MRI and a pig stickin'. If you want to actually download it to your phone it's called Rock Melon, great name huh?  It's not pleasant but I know you're going to give it a go anyway. Don't blame me if you can't find a comfortable bra by the end of the week.

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