A California environmentalist group has placed Louisiana wild-caught shrimp on its "avoid" list. The Associated Press reports the Monterey Bay Aquarium has taken the action because the state of Louisiana has refused to enforce federal requirements for use of turtle excluder devices in state waters.

Kim Chauvin, of the Mariah Jade Shrimp Co. in Chauvin told The Courier some major restaurants and retailers, including Whole Foods, follow to the aquarium's "Seafood Watch" lists.


shrimp boat
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Louisiana Wildlife & Fisheries agents are forbidden to enforce federal laws requiring TED's in state waters. The aquarium claims all other Gulf and Southern Atlantic states enforce the requirements. Many shrimpers assert the devices are cost prohibitive.

Margaret Spring of the Monterey Bay Aquarium said,"even when conscientious Louisiana fishermen voluntarily comply with regulations that protect sea turtles, the state's mandate not to enforce this essential measure creates a critical conservation concern and an 'avoid' recommendation for all shrimp caught in Louisiana."

Chauvin said the recommendation may have some effect on business outside the region, but not Locally. She said, "They appeal to the people in the midwest. People do not really know what is going on down here."

When I go to the grocery store, I specifically look for wild caught gulf shrimp. Farm-raised shrimp are often raised under unsanitary conditions. Shrimp imported from countries such as China & Vietnam are often treated with antibiotics that are illegal in the U.S.


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