Serving imported shrimp and seafood instead of Louisiana seafood obviously matters to Louisiana people or restaurants wouldn't have to put up the "Imported" signs. But does it matter enough to you that you actually walk out of a restaurant or get out of a line at a drive-thru that serves imported shrimp or seafood?

The main reason a Louisiana-based restaurant would serve imported shrimp and seafood over seafood caught a few miles away in the Gulf of Mexico is price. The bottom line, it is cheaper for them to serve you imported shrimp and seafood.

I don't know about you but I can taste the difference between Louisiana and imported seafood. But do I always care about that?

For instance, if I'm having perfectly fried shrimp, big like your fist,  at a well-known prominent Louisiana restaurant, I absolutely want them to be caught that morning in the Gulf of Mexico. But if I'm at a drive-thru window and only paying five bucks for a box of fried shrimp, fries and a biscuit...does it really matter. It might, and here's why...Louisiana fishermen lost money.

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Louisiana fishermen could sell more shrimp and seafood if Popeyes and the hundreds of other restaurants in Louisiana served Louisiana-caught seafood instead of imported. Can you imagine how much more money Louisiana fishermen would have to feed their own families if only Popeyes started selling Louisiana-caught shrimp?

However, there's a twist to this scenario. Would you be willing to pay more? Would you be willing to pay more for better tasting, higher quality seafood from a drive-thru window or at a Chinese buffet? In those situations, does it matter to you where the seafood comes from? In situations where you obviously aren't looking for the most healthy meal but more so a cheaper one, does it matter?

In conclusion, does it always matter where your shrimp and other seafood lived the night before you eat them?

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