Picture this, a cascade of light bulbs, hundreds, dangling from high above the ceiling in the middle of one of the busiest decks on the ship.  At first I thought it was ugly because the lights blinked.  I even commented that I thought the enormous fixture would have looked more elegant and sophisticated had they not blinked on and off like a Christmas tree.

I walked under this giant light fixture many times throughout the cruise and every time, my thought was that the fixture needed to stop pulsing.  Until one night late I made a discovery that changed my opinion completely.

I was roaming around the ship, exploring, just me and my thoughts, with hardly anyone awake when I found myself directly under the giant fixture yet again.  But this time was different.

I noticed two metal plates below the fixture, each in the shape of a human hand, left and right.  As you can imagine, this intrigued me.  So I walked over and read the small print on the plaque which was about waist high.  The writing was instructions on how to put 'your' heartbeat into the computer controlling the lights.  You see, the pulsating that disturbed me so, was actually the heartbeat of passengers past and current.  There is a computer that stores a certain amount of heartbeats and when it's full, gets rid of the oldest entries to allow for new ones.  This was fascinating.  Now, I loved the gigantic fixture and everything it represented.

Fast-forward to the next day.  I had my daughter Brittni, input her heartbeat.  While the computer was gathering Brittni's data, we came across Bernadette Lee and my best friend Rob and had a little fun.

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