Video of a brawl inside of a Brooklyn, New York pizza shop has gone viral. Whether it was a cold slice or a credit card fee that instigated these customers to attack, the employees fought back with every piece of kitchen equipment they could get their hands on.

We've got the full video of the incident here, but someone has got to explain to me how ordering a slice of pizza goes from this...


To this... 


Where did the pizza shop brawl happen?

One Twitter user @CoverTheSpread did some homework and figured out that this pizza shop is in Brooklyn, New York. Check out his posts below.

Things really did get out of hand at Joe's in Brooklyn, as you can see in the video one guy putting another in a head-lock while a tip-jar goes flying.


See the full video of the pizza-shop brawl via Twitter below.

Here is an alternate angle of the brawl that clearly shows one of the customers getting a wooden pizza peel cracked over his head by an employee.

Now how does this happen? There has been a LOT of speculation on social media as to what led up to the back-of-house brawl, with only one theory making actual sense.

See what some on Twitter are calling the origin of the fisticuffs below.

This theory has legs. Customer wants a hot slice, credit card minimum at the pizza shop is $5, and the 75 cent difference sends the two groups of men into a frenzy. Yes, it is a quite ridiculous reason to cause a fight but it makes sense.

Now, Twitter had some theories that I found much more entertaining. Some said they asked for pineapple on their Pizza. But social media definitely had things to say about this situation.

Was the pizza worth fighting over? Barstool Sports' Dave Portnoy rated the slice an 8.3 out of 10 during a tasting with rapper, Action Bronson. Check that out below.

If you take a trip to the Big Apple anytime soon and get a hankering for a New York slice, be prepared with cash or expect to pay a $5 credit card minimum. Either way, don't start a brawl over the matter or you may get a pizza peel broken over your head.

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