Who says money can't buy happiness? There are still some great things you can still do with just a ten dollar bill in Lafayette! Here are our picks for the best ways to spend $10 on food in Lafayette, Louisiana:




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    Breakfast for 2

    The #25 is 2 pancakes, an egg and 2 strips of bacon for $4.25. Fresh cooked breakfast for 2 for $8.50 at Mel's Diner.

  • DairyQueen.com

    Lunch for 2

    One of our co-workers, Steve Peloquin from ESPN 1420, excitedly told us you can get two $5 Buck Lunches at Dairy Queen from 11 AM - 4 PM.

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    Dinner for 2

    On Wednesday night, Pete's does a burger special. 2 Li'l Pete's and fries is less than $10, from 6-10 PM.

  • boudinlink.com

    Crawfish Snack for 2

    My friend Leah, who lives in Atlanta, but misses Louisiana said crawfish boudin!  $10 won't buy much boiled crawfish in a restaurant this year, but you can still get a couple of links of crawfish boudin!

  • McDonalds.com

    Coffee Break for 2 or 3

    Buy one for a friend and one for yourself. And if you go to McDonald's, you'll have enough money left from your $10 bill to treat the person behind you to one, too!