Did you see that in the title? The part where it said (OPINION)? That is your cue to take this article with a grain of salt. It's okay if you disagree with my opinion: I respect that. I am not well-versed on the intricacies of coffee. I do know that there are different roasts, blends, grinds, brewing methods, machine temperatures, etc., so I understand that even though two different restaurants use the same coffee, their brewing methods/machines can be different. What I consider "good" coffee might not be the same thing you consider "good" coffee. But we can still be friends. Also, what  I consider a "full" breakfast menu included eggs, bacon, sausage, grits, biscuits (& gravy), hash browns, toast, pancakes, etc.

I do enjoy a good cup of coffee in the morning, but I am not one who will stop somewhere JUST for coffee. Most of my coffee experience comes when I get a cup with breakfast.

The best coffee service I've had in Acadiana was, hands down, Mr. Lester's Steakhouse at Cypress Bayou Casino Hotel. Does the fact that I had just eaten a steak bigger than my head help? Maybe. Does the atmosphere help? Maybe. Do the white chocolate shavings and real cream help? Probably. But I don't get to Mr. Lester's for breakfast, so I have been trying breakfast places around Lafayette that have both good food and good coffee.

CC's has good coffee, $tarbucks is good, Johnston Street Java is good, Reve is good, but they don't serve a full breakfast.

I enjoy the atmosphere of Mel's Diner (Broussard) for breakfast, and I enjoy the food.  The coffee? IMO: not the best. The food is great, the iced tea is spot-on every time,  and the waitstaff always friendly and sometimes (in a fun way) sassy. But the thought of the coffee there sometimes encourages me to seek breakfast elsewhere.

KK's Cafe in Youngsville by the sports complex has great food AND amazing coffee. Judging by their food (and HUGE biscuits), it looks like KK's tries to do everything right there. They serve Community, by the way.

The French Press has great coffee and a full (and quite adventurous) breakfast/lunch. I've only been there a few times, but I've always had their French Press coffee which, when done right, is very satisfying. I haven't had bad coffee there. (I'm not certain of which brand coffee they serve)

Dwyer's coffee, to me, is just a cup of coffee. It reminds me of Mel's, and I can say that I don't go to Dwyer's for coffee. Their breakfast? Amazing. Lunch? Hold my calls. But their coffee isn't worth a trip there just for coffee. Dwyer's serves Community Coffee, so I am surprised that I don't find it great.

Cafe 20.3 on University/General Mouton has a good breakfast, though I don't find it consistent (and I'm okay with that). The coffee, again, is just coffee - nothing special.

Mel's on Johnston: see Mel's Broussard above.

Meche's Donut King on Pinhook doesn't have a full breakfast, but we do like getting the kolaches when we go there with a donut for "dessert". Their coffee is good. I believe they serve the Community, as well.

Though they don't serve a full

Another Broken Egg coffee**

IHOP coffee**

Waffle House coffee**

Cracker Barrel coffee**

A recent thread on Reddit asked the question "What is your favorite coffee shop in Lafayette", and they get a little more into the actual coffee houses in Lafayette.

Zuhause, Steep House and Cafe Cottage were all mentioned in the thread, but I haven't made it to any of those places, yet.

What's your go-to place for a good cup of coffee with breakfast?

**My mom taught me that when I don't have something nice to say...

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