A Baton Rouge nurse was on a flight back to New Orleans when a fellow passenger began experiencing a medical emergency. Thankfully, Tina Davis was nearby to help bring the man back to a stable condition.

A report from WAFB says that Tina Davis was on a flight back to New Orleans when she witnessed a passenger on the flight fall face down into the aisle.


Davis, a nurse at Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center Emergency Department in Baton Rouge, reportedly jumped into action and began checking the man's vitals.


The man was reportedly walking back to his seat from the restroom when his medical emergency began. Thankfully, Davis was quick to act. She checked the man's vitals and pulse as he slowly regained the power to stand up and sit down.


As the passenger recovered, Davis kept a close eye on him throughout the remainder of the flight. "I'm glad I was in the right place at the right time", Davis reportedly said in a social media post regarding the incident.

See the full report from WAFB via @farrah_yvette on Twitter below.

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