I'll be the first in Lafayette to admit that I am guilty of such.

I recently came across an article on social media that linked me to some great advice when it comes to what we should not put into our washer machines.

One of the items listed was the bath mat that you may have at the foot of your bathtub.

Yes, the mat that absorbs all of the water when you get out of the tub is not good to put into your washer at home.

The reason why it isn't advised to wash it in the washer is because of the amount of water this mat can absorb.

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These bath mats are designed to take in and hold a lot of water, thus that is why it is placed by your tub or shower, and with that, they can become very heavy.

As a result of the water it may hold, the mat can become very heavy and cause damage to the inside of your washer.

Furthermore, it is reported that because of the amount of water these bath mats hold, they could even cause issues with your drainage pump on the machine.

Again, I have done it and many of you may have too, but with this bit of new information for me, I will no longer risk it when it comes to washing or cleaning my bath mat at home.

If you're wondering how to clean the bath mat at home, it is recommended you visit a laundromat where industrial-sized washers can handle the weight of the soaked bath mat.


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