Over the years, athletes have found ways to cheat on drug tests. Some have gone a somewhat natural route by drinking tons of water along with a detox solution to flush their systems. Others have used fake urine (and body parts)--and in at least one famous case, got busted in the process.

Basketball player D. J. Cooper is the latest athlete to try to beat the system and fail. Cooper, a former standout at Ohio University, has received a two-year ban from FIBA, the sports' international governing body, after flunking a drug test. The test didn't turn up positive for steroids or other performance enhancers. Instead, the test revealed that Cooper was pregnant.

Yes. Pregnant.

Apparently, Cooper, who plays professionally in Europe, used a sample of his girlfriend's urine to take the drug test. That urine tested positive for a hormone secreted by women during pregnancy. No word if Cooper knew his girlfriend was pregnant before his botched attempt to fool the drug testers.

Congratulations to Cooper and his girlfriend on their upcoming bundle of joy! If there's a silver lining, Cooper's suspension is essentially unpaid paternity leave.

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