LSU Women's Basketball fans have been asking where Angel Reese has been and we may soon see her back with the team.

If you follow the women's basketball program at LSU, you are already aware of the situation involving star player Angel Reese.

She has not been with the team for a few weeks now, and LSU Coach Kim Mulkey hasn't said much about the situation surrounding Reese. As a matter of fact, she has even hinted that it's none of our business.

Colorado v LSU
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Now, as LSU moves through their season, so many are asking when and if Reese will rejoin the team.

While we may not have that answer today, we do know that Angel Reese is still on campus after she posted a photo of herself in the PMAC at LSU.

Could the "Bayou Barbie" be returning in time for LSU's game this week against Virginia Tech? The game is going to be nationally televised and what a way to return.

Here's the photo that Reese recently shared in her Instagram story.



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